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Dave started the Company in 1980, the first wayfinding and signage design consultancy IN THE Greater China region. Theresa became a partner in 1987.


Right now we have two separate design teams headed by two Design Directors, a dedicated strategy team, and a Shenzhen branch with skilled staff for design development & detailing, tender drawings, and factory/site coordination. And of course a dynamic account servicing team who stay with clients throughout the project to ensure they get what they expect from the designers.


Founder, Chairman

Founder and Chairman of g|B, Dave continually seeks for better ways to improve this discipline of environmental graphics. He actually hates signs; he introduced the idea of wayfinding not as signage design but as experience design, and he continually encourages the teams to find better, more intuitive ways to guide and orient people in the built environment. He holds a PhD from Coventry University in England and his continued research area is consumer behavior in the built environment. He builds (slowly) vintage motorcycles and plays (badly) blues guitar and ukulele. He has possibly the largest private collection of ukuleles in Hong Kong. Apart from that he's almost normal.


General Manager, Executive Director

Theresa joined the firm in its first 6 months of business as a designer, and, after holding several positions in the firm, was promoted to General Manager and Executive Director in 1987. In addition to being a 2D Communication Design graduate of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Theresa also holds an MBA from Macquarie University in Australia. Whilst her current primary role in the firm is for administration, financial control, and project management, her solid 40-year background in the industry makes her knowledgeable in all aspects of this discipline. She relaxes with ballroom and Latin dancing and, in case she doesn't like her dance partners, she also practices Thai boxing.



Director, Design

Frankie completed his Multimedia Design & Technology study at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2003. He has over 20 years of experiences in the design field. He joined Graphia in 2016, integrating his diverse design experiences of brand development, corporate visual identity and promotional  design to our environmental graphics and wayfinding programmes.   His childhood ambition was to be a chef, and he began his career in the catering industry. He quickly realised it was more fun creating places than creating menus, and he made his home in graphia.


Director, Design

Karel studied Visual Communication Design at HKU SPACE Community College, and later obtained his BA degree in Applied and Media Arts from HK Poly University in 2013.  He has almost 20 years of experiences in the design field. Prior to joining Graphia in 2016, he had a rich background in brand development, consumer promotional and advertising design and game design. He has been obsessed with football since he was 15 years old, a passion that was accelerated in 2022 when his hero Messi held the World Cup trophy high. An active player himself, he has to be treated for his old leg injury every now and then; luckily he designs with his hands and his mind and not his feet, so his contribution to world class design continues unabated.



Director, Finance, HR & Admin,

Amy has been working in Graphia for over 20 years. She has been promoted steadily through the company, being appointed a Director with responsibility for the finance and administration works of the company, including the operations management of both Hong Kong and Shenzhen studios. She holds a Bachelor Degree of Business Administration and her solid experience makes her knowledgeable in all aspects of corporate governance.   Despite her hectic schedule, she still manages to find time for relaxation and traveling, with a particular fascination with Japan, and she is continually improving her Japanese language skills.


Managing Director, Shenzhen

Zebra is a graduate of the Jilin Provincial Institute of Construction Engineering major as an Architectural major. After graduation he was attracted to Shenzen as it was a city of innovative architectural  works. He has over 20 years of experience in the architectural field, specialising in architectural detailing and wayfinding system implementation. Zebra has been leading g|B’s Shenzhen technical office since its inception. He frequently shares his expertise through seminars and on-site research. He is a self-confessed football fanatic, and plays at least one game per week come rain or shine.


Director, Project Management, Shenzhen

Before joining the g|B family in 2010, Henry had ten years of experience in the signage industry and served as a designer, design director, and project director. In g|B Henry has applied his knowledge and experience to overseeing the construction process of our projects, and was appointed a Director of the company in 2023.  Henry is something of a gourmet, and his greatest pleasure when travelling is to find a small shop specialising in local foods and sampling the local specialty snacks. Luckily he also has a passion for outdoor sports, so gaining weight through his gourmet pursuits is not a problem for him.


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