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2022 IDA Design Awards

Hezon Tower

Wenzhou, China

Client: Zhejiang Hefeng Industrial Co., Ltd.
Completion: 2021

Hezon Tower, in Wenzhou, China, is a mixed use development designed as a city landmark.

The project had a clear corporate brand message which was one of corporate integrity, professionalism, and high-end quality and, for our client; this project represented a milestone in their corporate growth. So we focussed our design on projecting a powerful and prestigious corporate identity.

We distilled the architectural concept into a more human-scale expression, and developed a design vocabulary that would allow us to express this concept in a variety of ways and in a variety of areas – from the external areas to the interior lobby and clubhouse, and even extending into the carpark.

On external signage, we emphasized the use of light, to represent dawn, a new day and new opportunity. We developed this visually using glass and LED, and combined these elements in strong vertical forms that both complemented the architectural monument of the building as well as expressing the strength and aspirations of the corporate world.

As we moved deeper into the building – we explored visual transitions, from the text-glass-light identification of the lift cars to the purely textual expression for the typical floors signage.

On completion, the glass and LED designs provide a satisfactory contrast between daytime and night-time – in the day the signage flows as part of the business environment; at night they illuminate in a celebration of the achievements of our client and the landmark positioning of the building.

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