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2021 GPDD Gold Winner


Guangzhou, China

Client: New World China Land Ltd.
Completion: 2018

K11 is a Hong Kong-based retail mall brand with shopping centres in China and Hong Kong. It positions itself as the world’s first original brand to pioneer the blend of three essential elements of Art, People and Nature.

K11 Guangzhou is the 3rd K11 mall in Greater China, and expresses its “Nature” brand value through the interior garden concept. Illuminated leaf and petal pattern, bronze tree and vine elements were used to decorate the columns, walls and ceilings throughout the mall, reflecting the forms of nature throughout the interior.

The signage design extended the interior concept, using organic forms of bronze coloured stainless steel, and incorporating similar illuminated leaf and petal motifs as the interior design; and utilising tree and vine elements for support elements and hangers. Special thematic zone signage was custom designed to expand the interior design and theme of each area. Facilities signage like the lift lobby signage and toilet signs were mainly in form of self-illuminated cutout letterings or symbols, floating in harmony with the background environments.

The overall signage system aimed to take the soft forms of nature to, first, reflect and extend the interior imaging and, second, to make the signage less institutional and more accessible for the users. The end result was an interior environment that projected a uniquely curious yet inviting mood.

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