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Jinke Grand Hotel

Chongqing, China

Client: Jinke Property Group Co.,Ltd.
Completion: 2022

Jinke Grand Hotel is located in the prosperous Jinzhou commercial core of Yubei district. It was part of the large mixed-use development project, Jinke Centre. It features 300 keys, a grand banquet hall, 7 multi-function rooms, 5 restaurants and bars, and a 24-hour fitness centre. The main design elements are taken from Chongqin’s “mountain, water, city, and camellia flowers”, and the overall feel is modern 5-star elegance. Our work was for all internal and external graphics and signage for this luxury property.

As with most 5- and 6-star hotels, our designs need to be sophisticated, functional yet discrete, and above all add to the overall ambience created by the architect and the interior designer. Both of these disciplines had utilised circle and oval motifs; in wall finishes, ceiling coves, floor mosaics and carpets and so in places where such motifs existed we tried to echo these forms in the signage, as the mountain is reflected in the lake. In order to preserve the harmony of the interiors however, we did not hold rigidly to this idea, and modified the forms to better complement the environmental context of the sign location. The end result was an overall consistent harmony, with the signage seamlessly running through the hotel echoing its surroundings and preserving the luxurious ambience.

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