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我们更乐于分享发现的事物,使整个行业共同进步。这里有一些我们撰写的文字,亦有一些是我们发现井认为对行业和顾客都很有价值的文章。我们感与同业竞争者共同分享,我们认为帮助同业者共同进步 即是帮助整个行业共同进步,这是我们简单又由衷的想法。

gB Field & Literature Research:

Metaphor vs Narrative

Interactive Directories in Retail Environments

Factors that Influence Retail Mall Brand


Academic & Peer-Reviewed Papers:

“The Selfish Artefact: Prioritising the Social Network In the Design of Contemporary Architecture”,

Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand, July 2015


“The Cracks Through Which We Fall: Challenging the Independence of Design Disciplines for the Built Environment”,

Royal College of Art/HK Poly University, Hong Kong, July 2013

“New Tricks and Old Dogs: The Battle for Change in the Built Environment”, 

[Guest speaker], Monash University, Malaysia, December 2012

“The Social Significance of Place”, 

University of Strathclyde, Scotland, June 2012

“Of Elephants, Opinions, and Partial Truths: Communities in Motion", 

[Keynote address], ASEAN Conference on Environment-Behaviour Studies, Indonesia, June 2011

“’Place’ and ‘Sense of Place’: Making the Connection”, 

U.C. Berkeley, U.S.A., May 2011

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